Monday, June 22, 2009

Devis Capodimonte New Collections 2009

Ceramiche Devis is having new collections for 2009. Some of its Capodimonte new collections include candle holders, lamps, bases, flower center piece, mirror sets, figurines, 4 seasons plates and a lot more. Please visit the official sites to see it live! Have a wonderful shopping experience at Devis Ceramiche!

Official Sites:
Ceramiche Devis-The Art of Ceramics
Devis since 1968-Original Geniune Capodimonte

Below are pictures of the new 2009 collections.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Devis Capodimonte celebrate 40 years in the Capodimonte business

Devis Capodimonte celebrated 40 years in the Capodimonte business last 2008. Since the conception of the business in 1968, the company had already expanded to the USA. It claimed its success due to its originality, customer service and competitive prices in the market.

Please visit the official sites for more information about the company and their products. Simply click the links below and you are there! Happy shopping!

Official Sites:
Ceramiche Devis-The Art of Ceramics
Devis since 1968-Original Geniune Capodimonte

Monday, June 8, 2009

Where To Find Ceramiche Devis in Italy

Are you ready to shop for your Porcelain and Ceramic Collections! Please click the photos to get a larger view! Have fun shopping! See you there!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ceramiche Devis- Company Profile

We started to create ceramic master pieces in 1968. Our ceramics are best in quality, uniqueness and distinct design.It is a family owned company,with a branch in the USA. Our originality is our success.

If there is in Italy a kind of china that is universally loved and known, this is certainly the one of Capodimonte: delightful statuettes bursting with life and popular grace but, above all, the highly delicate roses, are a real wonder of lightness. Today, some of the followers of this very special style pass down the secret of these gentle flowers in their works, giving us unexpected springs. The firm Ceramiche Devis is based in Nove, in the Vicenza province, the town where Bassano ceramics was born.

Yet, the ultralight Neapolitan style must have really conquered the firm, which treasures the inheritance of ancient master craftsmen and at the same time has revived it with technical innovations introduced over years of work.Now the enterprise successfully operates on the European and non-European market, offering a wide range of products for furnishing the home: basket, vases, candelabra, mirrors, lamps, tea-sets…
And the most fascinating activity of the firm is just the creation of flowers in the Capodimonte style, handcrafted by most skilful “florist” who have handed down all the secrets of the trade from generation to generation. Expert hands create this impalpable delicacy and succeed in keeping production costs at a medium-low level.


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